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We Ensure Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency to Fulfill Your Critical Wholesale Needs.

Alibaba.com Select is Alibaba.com's end-to-end wholesale PPE sourcing service.
Our cargo distribution capabilities excel in critical times. During the COVID-19 global crisis, the world faced unprecedented and extraordinary challenges with shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) and major disruptions to the global supply chain. Alibaba.com Select was created during this critical period.
We mobilized the global supply chain to meet urgent medical demands during the pandemic, and our sourcing and cargo distribution capabilities powered through many barriers.
Alibaba.com Select is powered by Alibaba.com - one of the world's leading B2B e-commerce platforms. Our superior supply chain networks ensure payment security, order protection, on-time delivery, and more.

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Why Choose Us

Professional Services

Our global logistics experts are here to meet your critical sourcing needs and provide any necessary after-sales support.

Extensive Product Selection

Our team of experts works with vetted manufacturers offering a wide variety of gloves, face masks, face and eye protection, protective clothing, disinfectants and sanitizers, and more.

Efficient Sourcing

We have access to demanding supplies in critical periods because of our direct relationship with top medical and healthcare companies.

Rigorous Quality Control

We ensure product quality is prioritized by carefully vetting suppliers and conducting rigorous factory audits.

Reliable Supply Chain

We provide end-to-end supply chain visibility and trace the entire production process with efficiency.

Trade Compliance

We assist buyers in lowering their business risks by supporting that their trades are compliant with rules and regulations.

How It Works

Our team will work with you along the way to simplify the sourcing process

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Success Story

Chuck Elazary

VP of Purchasing and Sourcing ·


Alibaba.com Select was a truly effective tool in our coronavirus response efforts. Their team proved essential when building new relationships with overseas manufacturers and expediting shipping when supplies were needed most. The services and resources provided by the Alibaba.com Select team helped Dealmed supply our clients and keep them protected with the critical equipment they needed at the height of the initial coronavirus surge in America.

  • Supply Advantage

    As Alibaba healthcare providers with advanced supplier-collaboration capabilities, we have formed longstanding business relationships with leading healthcare brands or manufacturers. Products available on Alibaba.com Select have been certified and passed testing by accredited third-party laboratory.

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