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One-stop solution to provide end-to-end sourcing services for critical supplies.


Efficient sourcing
  • Because of our strong relationships with global leading healthcare factories and product capacities, we can provide crucial supplies at critical times.

  • Alibaba.com Select offers an extensive range of medical and healthcare products. As a result, your business costs will be reduced.

Rigorous quality control
  • To assure product quality and safety, our industry experts undertake numerous quality inspections at regular intervals.

  • Supplier qualification screening services include legal documents and intellectual property review, assessment of suppliers' sales records and tax compliance.

  • Facility’ environment and equipment inspection.

Reliable supply chain
  • We provide one-stop services for global buyers.

  • Buyers who purchase from Alibaba.com Select only need to submit their sourcing requirements, and we handle the rest of the process.

  • Alibaba.com logistics service providers serve cargo fulfillment. With more than 300 ports worldwide and 2,600 routes, we have achieved an on-time delivery rate above 96%. In the case of tight logistics capacity, we coordinate the best route to get sufficient resources.

Trade compliance
  • We assist buyers in lowering their business risks by supporting that their trades are compliant with local rules and regulations.

  • We have documents required for import and export customs clearance to increase cost transparency and reduce cross-border trade defects.

Extensive product selection
  • Alibaba.com Select has acquired expertise sourcing a wide range of medical and health care products, including nitrile gloves, masks, protective gear, and others.

  • We have built a network of suppliers that can quickly mobilize high-quality production capacity to respond to market demand by serving the needs of global buyers.

Professional support
  • Our global logistics professionals are ready to assist you with your sourcing requirements at any time.

  • Our team offer localized services, as well as committed agents that keep track of the fulfillment process.

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